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You've been holding your pen wrong your entire life

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

This is an example of one of the statements I believe is wrong with traditional education. There is a focus on what you're doing wrong and not on what you're doing right. A belief that one size fits all. A belief that children need to be managed and can't be trusted to learn without strict constructs. I believe that school should be a fun, exciting and nurturing place where no one's needs are ignored and all feel like they belong.

This is one of the ways that Inspira is different. We will do an initial assessment to see where your child is academically and will craft a program not based on their grade but on their abilities. Our program will guide and support what with an encouraging non-judgmental manner that inspires growth and enthusiasm for learning.

Inspira means to breathe or to inspire in Spanish. Our motivation for starting this learning community is to give families the opportunity to breathe easy and be encouraged. We don't just care about your child. We care about the family. Families are an integral part of the child's learning process and because of that high involvement is encouraged and expected.

We want to inspire a generation that sees the world in a new, better way. We want every children to understand that they were created unique and gifted and there are no mistakes in their crafting. We want to empower them to seek their God-given talents and to nurture them. We will celebrate our differences and see mistakes as learning opportunities. We want everyone who enters our virtual and actual doors to see themselves as noble knights on a quest to make the world better.

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